Monday, 15 December 2008

Fragmented or bringing the pieces together?

Besides being blogger, an employee, a husband, father-of-three, citizen of Cuijk, Dutchman, etc, etc. I'm a frequent reader and - a little less - a poster on the listserv Forum dedicated to the work of Stafford Beer whose members also are frequenting metaphorum and the Cybernetics & Society wiki.

During the last weeks there were lots of discussion in the list on the subject of getting new people onboard and questions like "does Obama need a Cybernetician"? One of the central themes in these discussions was how to rephase the insights of the early Cyberneticians into today's language. This was also one of the main reasons to start this blog. And another listreader started a new wiki named VSM4Business (so please go there and help establish a great site).

To get some serious feedback I notified the member of the forum that I started this blog a few days ago. From the Google traffic analysis over the weekend it was very clear that many list members have inspected this blog as I saw a lot of traffic from Canada, the UK and Russia. Thanks folks!

And - hooray! - also reactions began to come in. And one of them suggested to change the name to "Fragmented Living - Putting the Pieces Back Together Again" which is a very good suggestion as it nicely captures two of the three themes I want to invite my readers to join into the discussion:
  1. Theme 1 - Fragmentedness, the fact that the same person or organization has multiple roles to play and is seen by others in at least as many ways as there are others.
  2. Theme 2 - How to connect the old stuff of cybernetics, with the newer stuff of organizational learning and the newest stuff in narrative knowledge management.
  3. Theme 3 - Bringing together a communitity of interested people from various background to think about these issues.

So I will seriously consider such a change, provided it is technically doable. Reactions are warmly appreciated.

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