Thursday, 18 December 2008

Fragmented Innovation 2.0?

Yesterday I got my weekly LinkedIn update email (yes, I still use that old techbunch) and noticed that one of my contacts had joined a new group called Innovation 2.0. It turned out to be a group started by the Dutch Government Department of Economic Affairs in an attempt to go "crowdsourcing" on Innovation Policy. Now, less than 3 weeks old, the group has moved into the top-100 of LinkedIn groups with 370 members (as of 18 Dec 2008, 9:18). Hearthfelt congratulations to Richard Blad and his colleagues.

Like any subject covered so publicly, the discussion is quite fragmented, but very interesting, especially as this number of members means that at this moment more people are contributing to governmental innovation policy (whatever that may mean), than ever before in Dutch history. This experiment is undoubtedly followed suspiciously by many in the Department of Economic Affairs with nagging questions like "should I get involved" creeping up the cranial hierarchy.

Yes, they SHOULD. Am I sounding like Obama now? Let's hope it is as effective.

Have a nice Innovation 2.0 day.

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Richard said...

Thanks for these nice words on Innovatie 2.0! Your support is much appreciated!